Dakota Johnson, star of "50 shades of gray,” tired of sex

She admitted that this films in this particular series have destroyed her privacy.

Till the discharge of the film "Fifty shades darker,” the continuation of the franchise "50 shades of gray" 27-year-old actress Dakota Johnson, who played a major role, admitted that she was tired of sex. As the portal 7days. She stated that starred in various sex scenes, together enough, she wants to do something else.

It is well known that Dakota maybe even regret that undertook the survey. Yes, they praised her, but she still cannot opt to show their "star" movie parents - Melanie Griffith and Don Jones.

In addition, Dakota Johnson says that shooting in gradation of gray a negative effect on her personal life: her man began to downright fear is clearly confusing using its heroine, lover of BDSM. Matthew Hill's boyfriend left her unable to bear all of it.

Smaller despair Dakota Johnson, confident that future projects provides her better emotions and experience than this franchise. read more here batmovienews.com

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